Professional Advice and Guidance

Membership has it’s benefits…

    • You have the ability to ask us questions in relation to what is discussed within your membership tier.
  • You will be notified when a podcast/webinar will be scheduled with other music industry professionals (at a small membership pricing). Once your membership has ended with Double D music consulting, you will still be notified for any future podcasts/webinars (@ non-member pricing) unless you opt out of notifications.
  • We will promote songs from Double D music consulting members (with permission from the band/artist), which will be selected by us. We’ll have the selected songs on our free page under “featured music” so anyone in the music industry, any fans or anyone that visits this website can listen to what the selected band/artist sounds like.
  • We will link your website/social media pages on our free page for anyone in the music industry, any fans or anyone that visits this website to click onto and see what the band/artist is all about.
  • We have a community page where you will be able to communicate with other bands/artists on this website and see what may be working for others within our membership. You may get some creative ideas from your fellow peers or you may strike up friendships and/or maybe work out a tour package with others you meet on this website. The possibilities and friendships can be beneficial to all.
  • Financial aid for membership fee via PayPal