Stay tuned for an exciting new music industry website that will go live on September 17, 2020.

The owner and founder of 18-Hour Management, Sandy Rizzo, has embarked on a new venture in an attempt to help new bands and artists with their careers in the music industry. The subscription website was built to meet the needs of up and coming artists to give them access to the business division of the music business (the business of the music business).

With her 30+ years in the music industry working with all levels of bands and artists within the industry, Sandy will provide new bands and artists with her vast experience and essential knowledge of how the industry works from her eyes.

She will advise and guide the members of the website in the ever-changing business of music. In addition to getting the benefits of her experience, the members will have access to the “community” section where members will be able to network and communicate with each other, share goals, get ideas and information from their peers.

The website has a warm and inviting look and feel to it, and hopefully welcomes everyone to take a peek around and check out new original music from our members. The home page has a featured music section for anyone (even non-members) to check out and listen to some new talent.  The site will help promote the members with links directly to their information.

When it came time to give this new company a name, Sandy geared her ideas toward her family. When Sandy and her twin brother were born, their father would call them “double trouble”. When they were just starting to talk, the twins would call each other Dee (they still use that nickname for each other to this day) instead of their names. When her brother got married and had two kids, he named his son and daughter Dylan and Devyn (using the “D” for their names).  It seemed natural to pay homage to her family and call this new venture Double D Music Consulting.

Please share and come by the site to support new artists and their music at www.doubledmusicconsulting.com.

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